Thursday, March 31, 2011

Important Notice from Cri-Cri

To Customers

Thank you for your attention.
Today I have an important notice about my shop.
I have to work for Self Defense Force from April, 4th and live in its base.  It'll be hard to play SL since I cannot bring my PC to there at least 7 months.
 I'll keep my main store for 3 months but I cannot support customers service well.  I'll try to go to internet cafe and reply to your note card but I'm sorry if it be too late.
Just in case for transferring bug, I took away Gift vendors.  SIM lag sometimes causes transfer missing X(
In order to reduce note cards of inquiry, please do not send me note cards for review copies or events.
I'm really sorry.
I don't have any information about my new job and I don't know when I can get PC and play SL.  I'll send group notice if I get info about it.
Thank you very much and plz keep in touch w/ Cri-Cri!




お問い合わせに関しましても、ブログ用サンプルやイベントのお誘いはご遠慮願います ○┓


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