Sunday, February 14, 2010

CriCri:Limited L$50 hair!

Hello:) Cri-Cri is going to sell L$50 unisex hair from Feb,14 to Feb,17!
No color changes but Valentine's limited color:)
The regular L$170 version will be released in a week. We are still working on it nowXD

From this valentine's hair, we are going to put new scripts which enables hair part adjustment.
We will update all our past products to new scripts after testing it by this hair!!
Update notice will be send by group notice and our blog.

Please try DEMO and read notecard in DEMO vendor.
We cannot sell modify hairs nor refund.
You can try all function by touching DEMO. Please consider carefuly before buy.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day <3



通常バージョンはまだ製作段階なので1週間ほどかかるかと思います _| ̄|○))




Cri-Cri Main Store:
KDC Valentine's hall:
HOLOHOLO mall (2F):

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Luckey Board is over

CriCri KDC luckey board is over and taken away just now.
We are glad that so many people visited our mall.
Thank you so much <3

ご来店くださったお客様、本当に有難うございました(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Hair!

Hello:) Cri-Cri released 3 new hairs and 1 luckey board!

KDC Hair Mall was just opened today so all the hair shops there provide gift or release new hair! Cri-Cri is going to set luckey board till Feb, 9, 0:00 PDT.  The hair color is KDC original color, and you can change 10 ribbon colors or take it off.  This luckey board is only at KDC mall, please make sure that we don't have it in main store.
(昨夜日本の髪屋だけのKDC Hair Mallが正式オープンしました(°Д°)全ての加入店が新作やギフト等を用意してくれているそうです。Cri-Criからは1週間限定ラキボを出します(・ω・*)KDC特別カラーです。リボンは通常商品と同様10色&OFF付きです。KDCモールのみの設置となります)

Unisex dread hair. Each color contains males' and females' but they are almost same. The shape of turban is little bit different.  11 turban colors and 4 hair colors, L$170 for each. Full pack costs L$600. Sorry that this is resizable but no modify, so please try DEMO to see wheather it fits your hair or not. You can try all funcitons by DEMO.

Ladies' long hair.  This hair contains 3 bangs, 10 ribbon colors, 4 hair colors, and the top hair on/off. You can change these by dialog.  Each hair costs L$170, and full pack is L$600. Sorry that this hair is no modify again.  I'll try to make hair adjustable script but I don't have time to make yet X(

At last, ladies' pony-tale hair.  Each hair includes 10 ribbon colors and 4 hair colors.  L$170 each and L$600 for full pack.  Please try DEMO before buy:)

KDC Hair Mall:
Cri-Cri Main Store: