Monday, August 23, 2010

gHat05&06 update

Hello. Cri-Cri found bug in gHat05&6 hairs.
I added 4 hat colors, so please visit our main store and update them if you have one.
Thank you

==============How To Update ==============
1. Visit main store and read the update machine to see which hairs you can update.
2. Wear the update card and wait till it says " Loading complete".
3. Touch the update machine and get new one.

**Update cards are in the folda or in shopping bag.
Please touch the bag and select "Get Item" from the dialog menu to get update card

Cri-Cri Main Store:



==============アップデート方法 ==============
2.アップデートカードを装着し、「Loading comple」とチャットするのを待つ

Cri-Cri 本店:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Hair & Hunt!

Hello! Cri-Cri released new ladies' wavy bob hair.
It contains 4 hair colors, 19 ribbon tex(also hide), and 4 bang types for each.
You can change them easily by dialog (please take a copy and go resize>load>delete scripts when you are in laggy place).
The price is 170L and it's no modify/no transfer.
Cri-Cri Main Store:

Zombie Popcorn Hunt2 will start in 6 hour! So many cool stores are taking part in this hunt.
You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag.
Please visit for further info.

ダイアログで簡単に変更出来ますが、重い場所ではコピーをお取りになった後Resize>Load>Delete Scriptsでスクリプトを全消去することをお勧めします。

本日16時頃よりZombie Popcorn Hunt2が始まります!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Ladies Hair

Hello! Cri-Cri released 1 ladies' hair!
gST05: 4 hair colors, accessory color change/off, L$170 for each.
It's no modify, no refund, so please try DEMO to see all funcitons.

Cri-Cri Main Store:

KDC mall is going to renewal open at 6:00 AM on Aug, 6th.
Many cool shops provide luckey boards and gift so don't miss it:D
KDC Mall:

gST05: 髪4色、アクセテクス変更/Off機能付き、各L$170。

Cri-Cri 本店:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

uShort&uCap update

Sorry Cri-Cri found errors in uShort and uCap series.
Please visit main store and update again if you have them.
Thank you!

申し訳ございませんでした┏o ペコ

Cri-Cri Main Store:

New drape shirt from *daydream

Hello! This time i'm going to write about new shirts from my friend's shop *daydream!
Her store is next to my main store :)
She always makes punk clothes so maybe it's first time to make casual one.
This shirt is so simple designed but very well-done and matches many pants and skirts.
Each colors is L$110 so it's not too expensive :)
I hope you like them<3

from left to right :D

Hairs: Cri-Cri, Truth, Cri-Cri( will be released on 6th), Cri-Cri
Belts: COCO, Handmade, Set w/ pant
Pants: Milk Motion, Milk Motion, Tres Blah, AOHARU
Leggings: AMERIE, Luck Inc
Shoes: Maitreya, hoorenbeek,, AOHARU
Accessories: (watch) Kumaki Glasses Style, (Anklet)Maitreya
*daydream & Cri-Cri main store:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Main Store moving, update, new hair!

Hello! Cri-Cri has many news today...about new main store, updating, and new hair.

1.  Main Store Moving

On July, 27th, unfortunately Adorable SIM was gone and all stores moved to Little Cat GreenEyes.
I closed shop for a while for updating hairs and building new store.
Maybe some people had trouble finding my shop X( Sorry for taking long time to tell you new LM XD

New LM:

2. Update

With this moving, I updated almost all hairs to new scripts which enables hair part adjustment (Some hairs are also changed hair textures).

Update Exceptions: luckey board hairs(except gST04 KDC LB hair) ,2Wave2,3, gift hairs.

Please visit main store and read the update machine to see which hairs you can update.
Update cards are in the folda or in shopping bag or shopping cart.
Please touch the bag/cart and select "Get Item" from the dialog menu to get update card.
Please check update machine and see which hair you can update.

3. New Hair

CriCri-1Wave04: ladies' pony tale hair (picture is on top).
4 hair colors and 10 hair band colors for each. L$170. NO MODIFY.


7月27日に諸事情によりAdorableSIMが消滅し、全店舗Little Cat GreenEyes SIMへ移転することになりました。

どうも申し訳ございませんでした_○/|_ 土下座





cricri-1Wave04: ヘアバンド付きポニーテールヘアです。

DEMOで全機能ご覧頂けるのでお試し下さい┏o ペコ

Cri-Cri Main Store: