Friday, March 5, 2010

New Hair/Hunt/Update

Hello! Cri-Cri released 2 new hair, 1 hunt hair, and update some hairs!

uHat01: unisex hair with 2 hat types.
☑5 hair color change
☑17 hat textures
☑170L for each, 600 for full pack
☑No modify No transfer
**Please try DEMO before buy**


Bon10: Ladies' hair with 2 hair styles.
☑4 hair colors
☑10 Ribbon colors/Ribbon on/off
☑170L for each, 600 for full pack
☑No modify No transfer
This hair is avairable only in Accessory Fair2010! We are going to sell this in mainstore when the fair is over.

4月まで当ヘアをAccessory Fair 2010会場で先行販売いたします。

✯Cri-Cri & Brillante Cat Hair: Cri-Cri and Brillante collaboration hair.
☑3 hair colors & 3 ear colors.
Treasure Hunt Gift! from Mar,7th in Accessory Fair 2010 SIM. Please see GLANCE website for further information.

☑トレハン賞品。3月7日からAccessory Fair 2010SIMにて。詳細はGlanceのサイトをご覧下さい。

About Update
☑CriCri-Bon09 series
☑CriCri-Dread01 series
☑CriCri-gST04 series (includes KDC LB hair)
**Please attach update card and touch update machine in our main store**
We are working on updating exist hairs in order to put new script which enables hair-part adjustment.

It'll take long time but we are planning to update all products.
Please keep update card which is in the product folda, shopping cart or paper bags.
You have to visit our main store and show the card to update machine to get new hairs. 


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